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HelpMobs are flashmobs aimed at doing good in local communities. They rely on personal responsibility and organization using social media to draw people together for a common cause. They should be fun, a few hours each month or more, a chance to pull together old friends to do some Good. Importantly, these groups do not have to be large, they can be few, or only one. At the very least, make the First Saturday of every month a HelpMob Day; get out for a few hours together.

Please upload announcements, images and videos of your good work, making it available on social media and internet platforms to inspire others, share experiences, and ignite ideas. Through example, remind each other that we can be positive agents for change.

Anatomy of a HelpMob:

  1. Decide on a Cause. It to be anything: pick up a local park, help out a neighbor in need, collect and distribute food or clothing, or join with an existing organization as volunteers.
  2. Use social media and internet platforms to announce plans and create awareness for your project: like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Be creative.
  3. Pull together family, old friends, teammates, coworkers, or classmates.
  4. Add FlashMob elements of fun: dress in panda suits, sing crazy songs, designate HelpMob moustache days. Dare to be silly and memorable.
  5. Keep them short, a few hours, to avoid burn-out so you can look forward to them.
  6. Reward yourselves as a group afterwards: go out to brunch, grab some ice cream, hit a pool, or play some frisbee; reinforce that it's fun to do Good.
  7. Post our experiences online, advertise them. Do not feel shy or bashful, you are not promoting yourself, you are promoting the action. You are inspiring others and giving them ideas. There is enough negativity on the internet to emulate; people tend to follow others, why not saturate the media with Good?
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